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Page Updated :: August 31, 2021

Due to two deaths in the family within three days, including one being our furbaby, edits and work slowed just a bit. I am working AROUND the clock right now (between all going on) to get these done. Please be patient.

This is an information page for Sullivan High School Photos.

Photos captured will include class pictures, yearbook clubs and organizations, sports teams, cap/gown photos, and special events.

Ordering Information:

  • Specialty-priced packages and prints if ordered on or before photo date
  • ALL students/team athletes will be photographed (regardless of order)
  • A specific % of all orders is returned to the school yearbook
  • Retouching options are available.
  • Glasses: There is a $6 removal fee of glare.
    Those who choose to leaves glasses on and do not pay the $6 removal fee will not be retouched.
  • Those that pay by check:
    — These will be mobile deposited within 24 hours of receipt.
    — A NSF fee of $30 will be charged to ALL returned checks.
    — Please be sure to NOT write in the area of your routing or account number (as this will delay your order).
  • Choose to pay by cash ?
    — Please include exact change AND place in a sealed envelope.
  • Wish to pay by Debit Card or Facebook pay ?
    — This option is available. Send me a private facebook message here.
  • ALL listed prices include sales tax.
  • Those that choose to order online, there is a service fee already added on each item / package.
  • Choose a package Digital File with printing rights?
    PLEASE send me an eMail to so I may return your message with the file and release.
  • When print orders are delivered to the school, they will be marked to be delivered to the parent listed on the ORDER form.
  • Each student will be required to sign and date a form when picking up their order.

Sullivan Fall 2021 Sports Photos

Fall Sports Photos for Sullivan High School were:
– Tuesday, August 3 and Friday, August 6

How to place your Order ::

1 – Order forms will be made available to students. Many order forms, too, will be available on the counter in the High School Office.

2 – Download Order forms (in PDF form) on the Sullivan FB Photo Group.

3 – Online ordering by going to ….
Click on the “Order Online Here” box. You will see the screen (posted) below). Please enter the password PREPAY to enter the gallery.

Shipping Options:

You have two options for order shipping:
1) FREE shipping (permitting these are delivered to the school for student pick up).
Student will be responsible for picking up the order AND delivering home to you.
Each student is required to come to the HS office, sign their name, and date of pick up.

Please Note, the photographer is not:

  • is not responsible for bended envelopes (after delivery to the school)
  • is also not responsible in the time it takes for student to take order to arrive home after received.

2) Direct Ship (permits you to pay $10 to have your order shipped directly to your home).
* This allows you to receive your order quicker AND no student pick up at the school required.

Underclassmen Photos (2021-2022)

Underclassmen photos were captured:
– Tuesday, August 17 (Grades 11-12)
– Wednesday, August 18 (Grades 9-11)

***** Retake day is scheduled for Wednesday, September 15.

Preparing for the photos:

1. Each student will be photographed (regardless of order). This photo will appear in the yearbook and Harmony.
2. The background will be light to dark grey; therefore, it is advised NOT to wear a grey shirt.
3. Darker colors photograph best. 
4. Ladies should AVOID wearing shiny earrings and ponytails.
5. Students must adhere to the school dress code.
6. Please bring along a comb/brush to ensure picture perfect portraits.
7. If your student wears glasses and wishes for these to remain ON, there is an advised $6 glass removal fee. Those that choose to leave on without the added fee will be left untouched.
8. Chapstick (at minimal) should be worn to ensure lips are picture perfect. 

Ordering Options:
1. You will complete either:
A. Physical Order Form (Please place order form (along with either check or cash) in a sealed envelope).
B. You may order online at  —> click on ‘Order School and Sports Pix’ box. Select 2021 Sullivan High School Photos

2. Retouching Options are available for an additional fee and are located on both physical and online forms. These include: Glass Glare Removal – $6 Teeth Whitening – $6 Braces Removal – $6 Blemish Removal – $6

3. If paying by check, please make payment to How Charming Photography and include student’s name in Memo Line. All checks will be deposited within 24 hours of receipt. There is a $30 NSF for any check return. (Please be advised, too, that your signature should not touch your routing or account number – as this will cause a delay in processing)

4. Receive discount packages and prints + FREE shipping IF ordered on or before September 15, 2021

Viewing Photo (and Retake):

(Please keep in mind: NOT all students were present or photographed on either August 17 or August 18 due to school absences).

How Charming Photography captured students present on these two days with assistance from both yearbook student helpers and Principal Dr. Tara Jenkins.

IT IS IMPORTANT THAT YOU DECIDE, WITH YOUR STUDENT, WHETHER TO PROCEED WITH PHOTO (AS IS) OR SELECT RETAKE. IN YEAR’S PAST, A PARENT would approve the order, then STUDENT SHOWS UP FOR RETAKE. OR, a student would approve or disapprove of the photo before the parent ever saw the image. We all need to be on the same page.

To view image, go to
Click the Sullivan High School 2021-2022 School Year Arrow Image.
Find the drop down —> PROOF :: 2021 SULLIVAN 9-12 SCHOOL Pix
(Your Password is the Student ID #)
*** Reminder ::: if you are trying to access your student’s yearbook photo, the ID you use is nine digits in length and is ALL numbers.

To access your student’s photo:
Please enter the STUDENT ID NUMBER in the password area.
Please enter a valid e-mail address.
Click enter.You will see your student’s image.
Click on BUY PRINTS Tab (to the left of the screen) to progress to next (VITAL) step:

The MOST Important Task is choose one of the two first options:
(1) ‘Ok to Print Order’ – If selected, your order will print NOW. And image used for yearbook. NO retakes.
(2) “Please Retake 9/15” – Order will be held until 9/15 photo is captured

OK TO PRINT means the following:
1 – Photo will be used in the yearbook.
2 – Photo will be used on the student’s ID card.
3 – Photo will be used for Harmony.
4 – IF you placed an order (either online OR paper form through today’s date), this will be the photo used to print your order.

PLEASE RETAKE 9/15 means the following:
1 – Student will have their photo captured again on Wednesday, September 15.
(THIS PHOTO (taken on 9/15) WILL be the one used for the yearbook, ID card, Harmony, and print order).

The student and/or parent does not get to choose between the two images captured.

2 – IF you ordered prior to today (either online or paper form order), your order will be on hold until the new photo is captured.

1 – It shows a $0.01 for either ‘Ok to Print’ or ‘Please Retake on 9/15’. This will be removed at checkout.
(This will verify that I have a confirmation of your choice)

YOU MUST GO ALL the way to the end of the checkout process (enter in all name, address, etc etc etc.) for your selection to come through to me.

2 – DEADLINE to make your decision is Monday, September 13 at 3 p.m.
IF you wish to send an e-mail to OR Facebook message ( ) with double confirmation of your choice, this IS welcomed, too.
This will ensure 100% what you wish to do.

3 – If you wish to place an initial order OR order additional photos, you may do so at this direct link below: password is prepay then a valid e-Mail address

This is where you can add (too) additional services such as glare removal, teeth whitening, blemish removal, etc. IF you missed adding these to your original order.

Order Deadline is September 15 to receive FREE shipping and discount pricing.

4 – Orders WILL be cropped (based on sizes ordered). These are original files to proof image, only.

5 – You will notice NO retouching options have been performed. This is completed upon approval of your order.

A – Those that paid for glass glare removal ($6), this will be done IF you select this photo as your pick. IF you choose to have a retake, it will be performed on the retake image.Those that did NOT pay for glass glare removal, the photo you see is what will be ordered AND used on ID card, Harmony, and yearbook, UNLESS YOU CHOOSE THE $6 GLASS REMOVAL.

B – Those that paid for blemish removal, braces removal, teeth whitening (all at $6 each), this will be done IF you select this photo as your pick. IF you choose to have a retake, it will be performed on the retake image.

Order Returns:
1. IF you choose the Free shipping options, these will be delivered to the HS Office for distribution. Your student will be required to come to the office to pick up and sign them out.

2. IF You choose the direct ship ($10) option .. your order will be shipped directly to your home.

Have Questions / Concerns:
IF you have ANY questions (whatsoever), you may reach me, How Charming Photography at:
Cell: 812-512-0517  (Please note ::: Orders may not be placed via Text message)

Class of 2022 Panoramic Photo

The Class of 2021 Panoramic Photo is Scheduled for Wednesday, September 15 at 8:15 a.m.

Upcoming Pending Photo Events
High School Band (Group and Individual)
High School Golden Arrow Singers (Group and Individual)
Winter Sports – Date is Scheduled. Will Announce Soon
Yearbook Clubs
Cap/Gown Graduation Portraits – November Will Announce Soon
Spring Sports

Click here to join the FB group for up to date information

Facebook Tagging

Your individual sport, cap/gown, or prom image will be tagged to Facebook permitting:
A. You check “YES” on your order (physical) form

B. Click ‘Add photo to facebook’ under the ‘PRODUCTS’ tab (Online Orders)
*** Note: it appears you are getting charged $0.01 in the products tab;
however, discount is auto set up to discount this making it FREE.

** Please note: Per school administration, school yearbook photos will NOT be tagged to social media.

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