Linton Middle School Boys/Girls Track Photos

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Linton-Stockton Middle School Boys and Girls Team and Individual Photos were captured on Tuesday, April 25. Discount Specialty-Priced Packages and Free shipping (a $10 value) were offered when you ordered ON or BEFORE the photo date.

However, due to the size of the teams AND extra images (i.e. siblings, small groups, etc), I am extending the offer to Friday, April 27 at 12 p.m. ONLY. You have two options to place an order:
A – Click HERE for the official order form. Download, print and turn in to Coach O-Bryan at the school. (This is for both Boys and Girls Teams).


B – Contact me at eMail, facebook, or phone (812) 384-6563 to place your order.
Payment MUST be received by noon on Friday as this order will go to the press by 1 p.m.

As a reminder, All returned checks will be due NSF of $25.
AND Sales Tax MUST be remitted.

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