Long and Short … I LOVE my clients. I LOVE my job. I cannot imagine doing anything else. No two days of my job mirror each other. Some days: zero portrait sessions are scheduled but am working behind the scenes preparing promos, placing orders, and completing massive session edits. Others, I am behind the lens from daylight to dark capturing a variety of smiles. Therefore, since my career is not a typical Monday through Friday, 9 to 5  job, I wanted to reach out to all current and future clients regarding new policies moving forward.

Effective June 1, 2020: Take Note of the following:

1. Cell Phone / iPad / Camera Captures During Session:
It is totally ok to capture a selfie during your session … either of yourself, family members, OR ask to capture one with me. However, taking photos during the actual session while I am working – this is NOT permitted. You have hired me to document your milestone and I want to complete this in the most professional, effective manner. Holding up your equipment distracts the subject, places blurs on images, and from many other photographers I have spoken to is completely disrespectful.

Even though this is clearly listed on my website, etc. … Moving forward, this will NOT be tolerated. If this occurs, the session WILL cease. No money will be refunded. And, all images will be deleted. Please know, this is not meant to sound rude. However, I schedule only a certain number of sessions per day. I take pride in my work and want to showcase the best images possible. Therefore, IF you wish to capture professional images with your cell phone – do not reserve me as your photographer.

2. Gallery Downsize Deadline:
I know everyone is busy (especially during school in session season). However, too, know you are anxious to see your images; therefore, I will work most nights into early morning hours to prepare your images for quick viewing.

Therefore, I will have to adhere to a strict gallery downsize deadline.
Upon session booking, you will receive an “after your session” instructions link. Please review these instructions and notify me of any questions prior to your session. Once your images are ready for review, you will receive your gallery link, password, AND deadline downsize date. This is a date/time set forth by the Webhost. IF this is not completed, the Webhost charges a $20 fee.

IF you are going to see that you need additional time for downsize, I can delay image loading to the gallery to best accommodate your schedule.

3. ALL portrait orders Shipped to you:
I love providing portraits at a reasonable cost. And, in the past, have offered discounts on shipping. Some needed their orders (quicker than the normal 10-14 days); therefore, I offered a quicker shipment at my cost then would deliver. However, as everyone’s schedule becoming busier and How Charming Photography is covering more locations, this is no longer an option.

Moving forward, ALL orders will ship directly to the client (unless it is a sports or school session).

4. Facebook Tagging:
A sneak peek will post following your session. You may share on your page and/or use as your small profile photo. I LOVE seeing your smiles featured on your pages. I will, however, only be posting one-two (as my top priority is to complete edits, first).

Ordered photos are tagged to Facebook AFTER payment receipt. And, I should note: these could take up to 7-10 days from order to be tagged. During busy season, this may take up to 10-14 days.

Each WILL contain the company watermark as to detour any copyright violations from other misusing your images. I will also state too, that downloading these images AND printing with the watermark IS a violation of the copyright clause.

5. Scheduled Auto Posts:
I have and will continue to ‘auto schedule’ images to post to the HCP Facebook Fan page. They will appear many times while I am on a session, completing edits, on events, OR simply enjoying ‘off time’. Please be sure to comment and LIKE your favorites. Show some love to those that have scheduled a session AND are celebrating an awesome achievement.

6. Ordering Deadline
Orders (with specialty priced packages AND session inclusions) are due NO later than two weeks following your images going live. IF you feel that you will need additional time to place an order, again, I can delaying your image uploads to a date that is more convenient for you. You will be tagged in a ‘Reminder Note’ on facebook that lists the deadline for order WITH payment. Keep in mind these two important items:

  • Please do not wait until the last day of the package deadline (to ask questions or to place an order). A number of photo appointments, events have been scheduled and it is more than likely that I will be away from the computer on your expiration date (and unable to process orders / answer questions).
  • If the package deadline arrives and no payment / order has been received, your session fee is not applied and all prints are per piece pricing. No late orders are accepted to the printer (as their policy and not that of How Charming Photography).

7. Digital Files:
This has been a huge transition for me. Times have changed and I love that more and more clients are selecting this option. However, it has been brought to my attention that a number of clients have purchase digital files —> and then in turn sell the digital files to other family members, friends, etc. to ‘lessen their expense’. This, again, is NOT acceptable and is clearly stated on your Copyright Release Form provided upon digital file transmission.

I want to keep this option available for those clients who frequent HCP for multiple sessions during the years, etc. But, IF this continues, I will have to look at other ways for file purchase.

CD’s and Thumb Drive transfers were discontinued on December 1.
Yes, YOU asked for it … the release of digital gallery downloads now in effect. Should you need your session on a thumb drive, the cost is $10 with pickup at my home.

8. Text Messaging
NO Business will be conducted via text messaging. I receive a number of orders via text messaging and no way to archive. This is reserved for personal use only. The only exception is for those sending deposit confirmations upon bank deposit.


Thank You for taking the time to view these new guidelines. This page will be updated should any additional items arise. Looking forward to the many, many smiles continuing into the 16th year in business.

All the Best 🙂

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