Remembering Madi Moore

UPDATED 09.01.19 ….

Madi Moore was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia in January of 2018 at 15 years old. She went into remission in August of 2018 after 8 months of battling cancer. After a Bone Marrow Transplant on August 31, 2018, She continued to develop many infections which resulted in Graft VS Host Disease (transplant cells attacking her normal cells). Since May 2019, she has been in the ICU.

On July 15, 2019, she earned her angel wings and in now in the Lord’s arms.

A number of fundraisers have been held and are continuing to form assist with medical bills, transportation costs, loss time of work, etc. This wonderful family does so much for so many others, we need to continue to give back.

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How Charming Photography has three active fundraisers:

The First:
A gofundme page –> to where you can give any amount of your choosing. The goal is $1,000.

Click for gofundme page

The Second …
On July 19, we will have a limited number of items (i.e. dog tags, keychains, buttons, and magnets) featuring Madi’s photo. These will be available for a small donation of at least $5 or more.

These were available at A Place Called Home Floral and Gifts (Sha’e Lynn / May’s Flowers) located on Main Street in Linton and Linton Jiffy Treet.

July 14, 2018 —-
Thankful for a community coming together once again to support one of their own. Today, $2,158 was collected in donations and proceeds from the Ribeye Cookout Fundraiser at SuperValu (Linton). To those that took time out of your day, who stopped en route to/from the 4H Fair, and more …. we appreciate YOU.

I want to personally Thank Alicia Pugh for assisting today (along with Joe (ribeye master) and those who assisted me in table set up. To Tony Clements for allowing us to be able to give back to this amazing family.

To the following How Charming Photography Model Ambassadors who volunteered their time: Halea and Wes Franklin (along with Brooklyn, Wrigley, Brynley and Tyler), Christina and Shawn Glenn (and Abygail), Mike and Laurie Burger, Leigha Pierce, Courtney Zukoski, Haley Pickett, and Luke Passen. To other dear friends who stopped by to say hello and to assist me well past the 2 pm end time to sell extra meals and assist in tear down – thank you.

Caps 4 Benches for Madi’s Memory

Maddy Scarbourgh, 4th Grader at Linton-Stockton Elementary School, wanted to give back to the community by honoring Madi Moore. I have known Maddy’s Mom (Ashlie Jerrell), her, Maddy and Cooper for the past two years.

Maddy wants to have a number of benches made in Madi’s Memory to place at various locations. Something that others can sit on and talk about great memories, or just to be close to her. They knew How Charming Photography had organized similar projects like this before and wanted team up together. And —> here we are.

For each bench, we need (at least) 200 lbs. of CLEAN plastic PLUS $350 to make Maddy’s vision come true.
SO, here is how YOU can help:

1. To view all participating drop off locations, please join our FB group here ->

2. If you wish to donate ($1, $2, and above), let me know. How Charming Photography is taking care of payment option donations (any amount) and will be listed in the group for accountability/transparency. You MAY choose to be anonymous. You may donate:

  • GoFundMe Page by clicking here
  • any MutualBank Branch Location — How Charming Photography, account ending in -9876
    (If you wish to have your donation listed on our facebook page, please send me a copy of your receipt AND you name to either, through the facebook page, OR by texting (812) 345-9378

5. SHARE This page.
I know she wants one bench, but, I have a challenge for all to exceed her goal and have TWO benches made. (We have the funds for two benches; we just need the supply of caps/lids.

Where will the bench/es go ?
Watch for an official listing posting soon.

The MOST important thing I can stress … the caps/lids MUST Be clean when donating. No residue, no food, no sticky film. Some of the items we are finding in donation bags and boxes are simply unacceptable. Please understand, Maddy is a 4th grader and will be going through each of these bags. PLEASE do not put your trash and other items in these bags.

Here are some things we have found –> that are simply UNACCEPTABLE:

— dental picks
— tampons (both new AND used)
— gum cases (some with gum chewed inside)
— chew containers
— syringe
— pill/prescription bottles (some of which STILL had medicine inside)
— dirty diapers

Caps and Lids are the ONLY items accepted — and these are from certain items listed on the photo graphic. Please help us continue to make this project run smooth by donating what is pictured AND that these items are clean.

WHAT can be donated is in a graphic below. IF you would like a listing (in a printable PDF form), please contact me via . AND if you are out of state / town and wish to donate, please PM one of us for address.

Click here to join the FB group

Click Here or Box Above to join the FB group for details

HCP Model Ambassador Chaisey Wasnidge and her mother, Stephanie, headed a campaign to assist Madi Moore and Family. They sold Water Bottles, Buttons and Flashlight Keychains to benefit the family prior to a boys varsity basketball game at Linton (pictured above).

Photos also include the donation date. This included a check for $500 AND a Vinyl Banner adorned with signatures from classmates, family, and community friends.

THANK YOU to Stephanie and Chaisey for working together … and to all in the community who purchased these items.

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