Elect to Kiss the Pig

Courtney Warnock is 2015 graduate of Linton Stockton High School and Senior Model Representative of How Charming Photography. She chose a three part community outreach project.

The first was a ‘Hop Into Fun’ Easter Egg Hunt for Linton-Elementary grades K-2 on Tuesday, March 31, 2015


The second benefited the Mayor’s Youth Council in Linton. The first Mayor’s Youth Council has been formed from a very talented group of young students who will be a bright spot in the future of Linton. Through the council they will learn about city government, city planning and the different groups that work in collaboration with the city. The Youth Council members include: Cole Anderson, Emma Brewer, Sarah King, Rajen Meghan, Summer Perry, Morgan Sparks, and Allie Walton.

The ‘Elect to Kiss a Pig’ fundraiser was held Friday, April 10-Saturday, April 11, 2015 in Linton Humphreys Park in conjunction with the 2nd Annual Capture Your Fitness 5K Run and Walk. A booth was set up in the Roy Clark Community Building and managed by the Linton Civitan.

The candidates running for Mayor of Linton (May 2015) had photo containers available for donations. The public chose to donate to see WHICH candidate will be ‘Elected to Kiss a Pig’. The candidate with the most monetary donations by 10 a.m. Saturday morning had to pucker up to ‘Kiss the Pig’ during the tallying of runner/walker awards.

The four contestants included: Linda Bedwell, John Correll, Billie Mason, and John Wilkes.
John Wilkes received the most monetary donations and puckered up to ‘Kiss the Pig’. A total of $365 was donated to the Mayor Youth Council on April 23, 2015 in an official check presentation (by Courtney) during a council meeting. (Photo Below)

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