Sports Photography

Sports Photography is a favorite at How Charming Photography

I can capture either team or league sports, OR take personalized sessions to fit any athlete. Many choose to have their favorite high school, college OR professional team featured. These can be captured for individual, group, OR family use.

Design examples below are simply that : examples.
Each school, sports, and league are tailored with unique designs.

There are many specialty products offered – in addition to the standard prints. These include buttons, key chains, magazine covers, art panels, composites and more. Each may be ordered on the order form during team photos OR can be added to any regular portrait session. Contact me today to schedule your personalized sports session, team or league photos and more.

Check out some exciting package options and individual products below.

Vinyl Sports Banners

These are available for athletes, teams, and senior groups. They include grommets ready for hanging and available in 20 sizes.

Hand Designed Photo Composites

Sports composites include :: Individual Athlete image, Team Image, Name, School Name, Sport, and Year. These are hand tailored to each sport / coloring. Here are a number of past examples.

Digital Graphics

These are specialty products and take up to one hour to complete. Therefore, these are by special request, only. Here are a few examples — and additional items will be added soon.

Metal Bag Tags

These are two-sided and contain one regular image. They also include the athlete’s full name and year.

Art Panels

Art Panels are perfect for those that children involved in multiple sports OR sibling involved in sports in one school year.
These are by request only.

Misc Products

Sports Magnet Options

There are two options for magnets:
Regular and 4×5 (large)

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