Digital Downloads

Digital-DownloadsThis system allows an upgrade from images delivered on a thumb drive or CD. This will speed up the process of receiving your images AND immediate download directly to your computer.

CD|DVD transfers are a dying technology, hence, the newest computers on the market do not contain a disc drive. As a photographer, I want to make sure that my clients are not receiving outdated products and this is one more advancement in the digital age.

Advantages of Digital Downloads:
1) Download digital files straight to your computer.

2) Order from your favorite online company; however, How Charming Photography is a favorite.

3) Enjoy a 50% off (current) print prices from How Charming Photography’s professional lab

(This is available after the digital purchase). The 50% off price is for only regular prints only. This price is not available on composites, art panels, canvases, storybooks and albums, or any other products.

4) Have the safety and security in knowing your images are delivered promptly (instead of trying to meet for transfer, worry about loss in the mail, etc.)

What is not permitted from Digital Downloads:
1) Selling of files to other family members, friends, etc.

2) Uploading these images to social media.
HCP will tag ordered images to the How Charming Photography facebook page. These will contain a small company watermark and will be tagged to your page. You are welcome to use these as your profile photo, share on Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, etc. However, the watermarked version MUST be used. Uploading directly from their computer/disk without the watermark is NOT permitted.

How you will download images:
It is VITAL to do this on a computer (to keep the resolution as high as possible for quality printing).

1. Your will receive an e-mail OR Facebook message with your download link is ready.
    It will contain a special link AND password for download.
2. Click ‘Download’ tab in top right hand corner.
3. Choose ‘Download all photos’

4. Then, place a VALID e-mail address in the prompt window.
(This is important as this is the e-mail where you will be sent the download link)

After you request download:
1. Wait for link (could be anywhere from one hour to one day). This is in the hands of the server to send the ZIP link to your eMail to regain the images (as they have multiple photographers across the US in download status).

** Note **
I may only have five (5) Galleries going at one time for download.
So, please let me know when you have your image download complete. You will have only five (5) days from receiving the message to do so. 

Pricing for purchasing additional images PAST your allotted package:
5 images are $50
10 images are $60
15 images are $70
20 images are $80
25 images are $90
30 images are $100
40 images are $140
50 images are $150
Additional Quantities are available

families | children | HS Seniors & Teens

schools | Sports
and corporate events