After Your Session

UPDATED: 8/01/20

Thank YOU for choosing How Charming Photography for your portrait needs. If you have received this link, you are either A) scheduled for an upcoming portrait session or B) have just received your gallery link. Therefore, this is a cheat sheet on what happens next.

Many portrait days, I have sessions scheduled back to back. Therefore, following the session, I will be posting a ‘sneak preview’ or two from your session. Please feel free to use this image as your Facebook profile photo, share on Instagram, twitter and more. Once your order has been placed (for either prints or digital images), I will be tagging additional session images.

This is a snapshot as to the most commonly asked questions following your portrait session and/or event. It is advised that you review and contact me with any questions. There are a number of important deadlines/guidelines posted; therefore, please be sure to review asap. The page WILL update regularly so check back soon.

Saturdays and Sundays are reserved for back to back sessions; Mondays – the office is closed; therefore, messages will be delayed these three days.

I have a number of photos and gallery links scheduled to ‘auto post’ while I am in sessions/edits; therefore, continue to keep clicking the ‘LIKE’ button and commenting on your favorites. But, as a reminder messages will be returned during regular business hours of 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. (permitting I am not on appointments and/or sessions).


1) You will receive an eMail or Facebook message with gallery link and password within five days of your session date.  Although I know you are excited to see your images, please be patient as many days can have up to scheduled 10-12 sessions per day.

***Please note:
Sessions are edited in order of scheduling (not in order as held on the date).

Events (such as school and sports sessions) will load automatically to the server when complete. No downsizing is required … as these sessions are mini events with one-three images of each student captured. (Therefore, Please skip to Item #4)

2) Your private, password-protected gallery will be locked for 5 days (from the date you receive your link). Your gallery MUST be downsized to your favorite images by the deadline. You will receive this ‘downsize deadline’ date in your gallery link message.

You are required to scale your gallery down to your favorite images within five (5) days of posting. If this is not completed, the system will deactivate the gallery and your session reservation (and any digital or print inclusions) is non refundable / not applicable. If this occurs, there will be a $25 fee to reactivate your gallery.

Important Note (Effective) August 1, 2020 …

I know everyone is busy (especially during school season). However, I know you are, also too, anxious to see your images; therefore, I will work most nights into early morning hours to prepare your images for quick viewing. IF you are going to see that you need additional time for downsize, I can delay image loading to the gallery to best accommodate your schedule.

Selecting Favorites:
*Favorites are those that remain in the gallery for public view and those you order from. It is important to note: You MAY keep additional favorites past the allotted number (noted below ) for $1/image fee to do so. Many choose to keep additional favorites at the $1/image fee, especially if you wish to order additional digital files OR when purchasing storybooks and/or albums at a later date.

  • With an hour paid session, you may keep up to *40 favorites in the gallery for public view
  • With a 45-minute paid session, you may keep up to *30 favorites in the gallery for public view
  • With a 30-minute paid session, you may keep up to *15 favorites in the gallery for public view
  • With a 20-minute paid mini session, you may keep up to *10 favorites in the gallery for public view.
    Due keep in mind, if you have scheduled a mini session (i.e. Spring, Fall or Holiday) OR received a FREE session during a contest, I will note in your message how many you may keep online AND receive as Digital Files.

To submit favorites online,

Please follow these easy to follow steps to complete this important gallery downsize.

Important Note: Selecting on a mobile device can sometimes cause errors with sign in. IF this occurs, please try from a computer.

A. By clicking in the top left hand corner of the photos you ‘wish to keep as favorites’, a pop up window will appear for you to register with an eMail address. PLEASE enter registration with an eMail address and password you can remember AND one that can be accessed through a computer. IF you choose the ‘Digital File Inclusion’ with your packages, this is vital when your receive your digital download message at a later date. Click the ‘CONTINUE’ button here.

Heart Your Favorites
B. You will notice in the top left, your ‘favorites’ number will begin to grow as you ‘heart’ photos. This is important (as you may view them and add/delete as needed).

Where Your Favorites Are

C. Once you view your selections in the ‘My Selection’ tab and are ready to send to me to update your gallery, click on the ‘Share Favorites’ tab. (Proceed to step 4).

Share Here Message

D. Once the ‘Share Favorites’ tab is selected, a pop up window will appear.
IN Box one, please title this to be something both you and I will recognize.
Example: “Brooklynn’s Senior Favorites”.

IN Box two, please include a note to me. This can be anything you choose OR a comment regarding your session. IF a comment is received, this may be used on the website and facebook pages as a review (with a session photo).

Share Favorites

E. Once you click ‘Submit’, I receive the message (in box below) to update your gallery.
The downsize of your gallery to selected favorites begins at this time. This will be updated during regular business hours and unlocked for public view. (IF you do not wish for these to be public, please notify me prior to your session). The gallery link will be placed on your facebook wall so others may view your gallery.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Sharing this link on your Facebook wall OR through eMail messages before the gallery is downsized is NOT permitted. By doing this, others will access an email address (which cancels out your account) OR will cause too many failed password attempts. This can cause the web host confusion AND will eventually eliminate both the gallery AND all photos from the website.

Last Set


4) Retouching
This is included on all purchased prints. This includes facial blemishes, etc. These are processed in order receipt. Therefore, dependent upon the time of your order, there may be a delay. If you are receiving digital files (either as a mini session OR add on to your session), it may be up to two-three weeks for delivery. NO files are mailed through the postal system. Any additional retouching requests may require a small fee.

5) Pricing
Contact me for a current price sheet.
(Events such as daycare, school, and sports sessions ARE different price sheets (tailored to each individual event).

Keep in mind:
a – Package prices are available for ONLY three weeks following your session date.
b – Prices are subject to change.

6) Please be advised all images (those on the website, Facebook, Instagram, and twitter) are copyright protected by How Charming Photography. Any copying, xeroxing, scanning, file transferring, editing to the photo, etc. is a violation of copyright.

Images in online photo galleries may not be screenshot and uploaded to social media sites (i.e. facebook, twitter, Instagram, snapchat) as these contain a copyright watermark through the webhost. This violates the webhost agreement (not only between myself and the company, but, your agreement as well). IF this occurs, your gallery is deactivated by the webhost and there is a $20 fee to reactivate your gallery for view, orders, etc.

A number of ordered images are tagged to Facebook.

Also Important Note:
It is NOT permitted to take images during the session. This includes your own personal camera, iPad, or cell phone. IF this occurs, your session stops immediately and all session fees are non refundable. Furthermore, if this does occur, NO uploads to social media or printing are permitted.

7) Social Media Tagging
Those that choose to order digital files, a number will be tagged for you.

This is a FREE service provided by How Charming Photography. My goal is to edit images, get these into your review and process your orders, first. Some tagging may be up to three weeks following your order payment (due to time of year). Your patience is appreciated. If you choose to utilize any of the photos as your small profile picture, the logo watermark must NOT be cropped out of the photo. This violates copyright of the photographer. If this occurs, your images will be removed from facebook and your gallery deactivated immediately. Please note: These images may NOT be used for the large timeline cover.

Images you receive as your order (either in print or digital form) may not be uploaded to social media. Please understand, although you purchased the digital files, the copyright remains by How Charming Photography. Since ordered photographs are tagged, please work with me on this guideline. My copyright license protects your child, family, etc. from unlawful image use (either in those you do not wanting printing your images themselves OR using the images on inappropriate sites). Not intended to sound harsh, at all; however in year business number 15 — I could write a small book on stories I had heard in conferences AND personal experiences with clients (those of a previous photographer).

If you have issues with this, please contact me during your session consultation. This is a strict policy and will be followed. Social Media Sites watch for items such as this and do alert me when a violation has occurred.


  • Once you select your image number for digital downloads, please allow up to 10-14 days to receive your files. I run the images through one final test for stray hairs, blemishes, etc. … and need time to get in line from the server to send you the download.
  • Payments accepted include Venmo, FB Pay (which used Debit or Paypal) *PayPal (Paypal balance, credit or debit card), or check or cash deposit directly into the How Charming Photography bank account. (Please budget time for this to be completed — as no bank payments may be accepted on a Saturday afternoon or Sunday).

    IF you choose direct deposit, please ask the teller to provide you a receipt and then send me a copy of this receipt (either by eMail or Facebook messager). Yes … I know, an extra step that one may feel is not needed; however, many order totals ARE the same (especially when ordering packages). I must ensure your order processes smoothly — as the printer grabs directly from this bank transaction to process your order.

    *Those who choose to pay with PayPal, IF you wish to use the eCheck feature — this MUST clear by your package deadline in order to effectively process.

(Please note: NO business is conducted through text messaging).

(Commenting or selecting in your actual gallery is for something only YOU to see. I cannot see this; therefore, it is not permissible as an order option). Online ordering from a regular portrait session, too, is not an option due to privacy.

1) You eMail or facebook message me your order.
(Your order should be sent to my personal facebook page, not the HCP fan page.)

You may select a different pose (in the listed packages) for each size (i.e. 5×7, 8×10, and above).
The wallets, however, must all be the same pose.

  • No substitutions of the packages are available (per printer requirements).
  • Digital files are included with print release authorization.
    You MAY keep addition images (see able) for purchase.
    The price of these files depends on the number you wish to purchase.
  • Shipping Fees:
    Priority Mail: $10 direct shipping (10-14 days)
    *UPS Delivery: $14 direct shipping (with tracking number) (4-5 days)
    *UPS is REQUIRED on those orders that contain a 10×20 art panel OR 16×20 and larger prints.If you wish to have this expedited service, please let me know. Please note: UPS is NOT available on PO Box mailings; therefore, an alternative address must be provided.Please include your shipping address in your order message. This saves me from asking you for this AND delaying your order.

2) I will return your message (eMail or facebook) with your total due during regular business hours.

3) You respond to this eMail/facebook message with your payment preference:

a) Facebook Pay
This is through the PAYMENTS tab in messenger (four small dots). This uses your debit card for transactions.


b) Cash or Check deposit directly into the How Charming Photography bank account (at any (Northwest Bank) location. You must notify me via eMail or facebook as soon as the deposit is made. This service of direct deposit offers you, the client, the opportunity to deposit on YOUR time frame. Therefore, since deposits can be made 24 hours, 7 days a week, you must notify me when this is complete so I can properly transmit your order. (Please ask for a copy of your receipt, take a screenshot, and send this to me in either an eMail OR facebook message).

Northwest Bank has branches in the following towns/cities:
Bloomfield, Bloomington (North Walnut), Bloomington (Liberty Drive), Eastern, Greenwood, Jasonville, Linton, Lyons, Mitchell, Oaktown, and Seymour.


c) Paypal (this allows for credit or debit card processing).
If you have a PayPal account, this service is free.
IF you do not have a PayPal account, PayPal will charge you a small processing service fee.

You will log in to and select ‘Send Money’.
Be sure to check ‘Send to Friends and Family as a Gift’ —> then enter my eMail address as
(IF this transmits incorrectly and I am charged a fee, the order will error out).

4) Your Order is processed with 72 hours of payment receipt.

5) Orders ship directly to your home in a secure, sturdy box.

  • Images are printed on UV Luste paper (to prevent again UV rays AND fingerprints).
  • How Charming Photography copyright information is on the back.
  • How Charming Photography phone number is also included on the back for reorder purposes.

Wish to be featured ??

Interested in being featured here on the website ???

— Fill free to submit a review of your experience.
— Leave a comment on the How Charming Photography facebook page
— Upload your photo (tagged on facebook with the watermark) to your Instagram page and hashtag #howcharmingphotography #hcpselfie
— Submit a #hcpselfie photo within 24 hours of your session. This can be you / your subjects prior to the session, you during the session, or ask to have one captured with me. Upload to facebook AND Instagram with #hcpselfie and include a unique caption.

Thank You for the honor to photograph your most memorable moments.

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