Sullivan High School


Photo Schedule

How Charming Photography and Design returns to Sullivan High School
for the complete 2018-2018 school year.

Photos captured will include class pictures, yearbook clubs and organizations, sports teams, cap/gown photos (NEW), and special events.

This page will be updated (completed) NO later than August 1.
NEW additions will be post to include order forms, links to confirmations, AND photo examples.
Remember to BOOKMARK the link and check back occasionally for updates.

Ordering Information:

You receive specialty-priced packages and prints if order on or before photo date.
— FREE shipping is available on orders (permitting these are delivered to the school for student pick up).
(NEW direct ship option permits you to pay $10 to have your order shipped directly to your home.
—> This allows you to receive your order quicker AND no student pick up at the school required).

How to Order ::
1 – Mrs. Tracy Greggs will receive printed order form in plenty of time for distribution to coaches / students.
2 – Download Order forms (in PDF form) here.
(These will be posted here below three (3) weeks prior to each event.
3 – Online ordering by clicking —>
(These will be available online three (3) weeks prior to each event.

Each event (listed above) will be explained below (in further detail) with examples, etc. soon.





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